Welcome to my virtual homemaking/homeschooling binder!


This blog is primarily a reference archive for me. It holds my ‘systems’, my organizational ideas, my homeschooling nuts-and-bolts plans  and some opinionated rants and responses to FAQs, all for future reference when I need them, and easy linkup when I want to pass an idea onto someone else. If you want to see what makes our family run smoothly (occasionally) or how we do our ‘homeschool’ then you might find some of this interesting.  I’d love for something I did to help someone else. Feedback is wonderful, so be sure to comment and say hi! Think of this as my live, public homemaking and homeschooling binder! You can find categories and links at the top of this page.

I am a SAHM to three little girls and we live in Queensland, Australia. My husband and I were both homeschooled as children, and from the beginning we have always intended to homeschool our own kids. We are extremely passionate about homeschooling, and as two eldest children of ‘large’ families, we spent a lot of time observing, learning about education and learning from other families. Even though our children are only just beginning school, we have helped with teaching our own siblings and others, and have been intentional about learning and discussing education for years with a diverse range of people. We don’t claim to have it all worked out, but we do feel fortunate to have a wide range of experiences to draw on as we begin this journey with our own family.

Ladybug is 5, and academically in 1st Grade. She is an independent little thing who despises being told what to do unless she sees a purpose to it!

Buttons is 3 and academically in full Kindergarten/Prep/Foundation Year this year. She is interested in everything, and quite the little chatterbox!

Rabbit is almost 2 and in the middle of anything we do, usually trying to eat it or tear it.

I hope you can find something here among my notes and plans to help or inspire you! Have a look at my…

Homemaking and Organization section, where I keep notes about the systems we use to keep our home running smoothly (occasionally…. at least, thats the theory behind them!)
Homeschooling section, where I store my nuts-and-bolts plans and records, along with reviews of various curriculum I like to link to on forums at times.
Opinions and Rants section, where I get up on my little soapbox occasionally
Our Favourite…. section, where I keep lists of the things we like, for reference and to pass along to others

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