School Zone – Bubbles Series

Summary: They’re lightweight and overpriced. And I don’t care, because they’re gorgeous and bright and fun

USD $3.99 each ($15.96 for the set of 4) from Amazon (Affiliate Links -Belong – Count – Big – Colors)
USD $3.25 each ($13.00 for the set of 4) from Rainbow Resources
Currently Unavailable from Book Depository
There does not appear to be any local Australian suppliers

School Zone… that’s one of those brands homeschoolers dismiss as being the cheapo review books in the newsagents, that certain families pick up, do a couple pages of each day, and claim they’re ‘homeschooling’ (I think we’ve all run across the type at least once if we’ve been homeschooling for any length of time). Most of us would never even consider them when curriculum searching. But, this series, along with the Train Your Hand series, ended up in the house when I was after something more motor skills involved to use with Ladybug when I was too ill in pregnancy to do usual free activities. They were too easy for her at the time, but are spot on for 2.5 year old Buttons to have her very own sticker book.

Bubbles is a beginning sticker book, offering lots of practice in getting those stickers where you want them. It starts off with simple placing, adds some counting, then moves to big and little stickers, and different colours on the same page. Parents will probably need to remove the stickers for the little ones, but they are low-stick, intentionally, so that they can be repositioned and adjusted. It is a gorgeous little set with bright, engaging pictures.

First thing to note, each book is only 16 pages. They don’t last long. We’re using them a couple of pages a week to make them last the year, just as a fun little extra, but an older child left to play would devour the book in one sitting. At $3 to $4 a piece, depending on where you buy it, that gets to be a bit of a pricey one-day activity. But I do think it is a worthwhile little addition to a pre-school curriculum. They’re perfect for 2-3 year olds not quite ready for Kumon, and I will be buying them again for Rabbit without hesitation as a fun table-time supplement.


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