Our School-Day Routine – Winter 2015

Here is an idea of how our school days are structured right now. This is with a 4yo PreK Ladybug, a bright 2.5yo Preschool Buttons who wants to do bookwork and is trying to read, and a 1yo todder Rabbit.

At the moment it’s winter, which means later wake ups and earlier outside time, my husband works Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. I work various hour-long stints and evenings, and a full day Friday.

As such, we do school on Tuesday (mum), Wednesday (mum), Friday (dad) and Saturday (shared teaching). Thursday is errands/out day, and Sunday/Monday are the weekend for our family.

Right now, our core school subject times look a bit like this

15 minutes Reading
10 minutes Phonics
15 minutes Handwriting
20 minutes Math/Logic
15 minutes Motor Skills books

10 minutes Reading
10 minutes Phonics
10 minutes Math/Logic
10 minutes Motor Skill books

7:30 – Wake up time for mum/dad. Older girls have usually been up for a little while by this point. Get breakfast, check email etc (do not actually sit or you will lose two hours before you realize it). Morning Chores for older girls (get dressed, empty dishwasher, clean bedroom, clean hallway). parent chores (dress baby, neaten bedroom, open windows/curtains around house, clear kitchen/breakfast dishes. get dressed)
8:15 – Sit down for bible time, prayers, memory verses, and picture book read-aloud’s. Also do Reading lessons for Ladybug and Buttons
9:00 – Give Rabbit a bottle, do Math/Logic with Ladybug while supervising Buttons on Motor Skills, Then supervise Ladybug doing some Math/Logic independently while doing Math/Logic with Buttons
9:30 –  Give Rabbit an activity on floor or in high chair. Start Ladybug working on Handwriting, then supervise while doing Phonics with Buttons. Buttons finishes for the day and goes to play with Rabbit, work on Phonics with Ladybug. Finally, give Ladybug some Motor Skills activities
10:30 – Break time, kids go and free-play
11:30 – Set kids up with table time activity while preparing lunch
12:00 – Serve lunch and allow an educational TV show while they eat. Put Rabbit down for nap around 12:30
12:30 – Free Play
2:30 – Rabbit wakes from nap, Buttons and Ladybug clean lounge room, then all three girls go outside to play.
3:30 – Girls may come inside, or stay out.
5:00 – One parent reads aloud while other prepares dinner.
5:30 – Dinnertime
6:00 – Free Play
6:30 – Bedtime routine begins
7:00 – Bedtime with ‘reading’
7:30 – Lights out

There it is, near enough. Obviously the morning will vary, some mornings Buttons will need all my attention with everything and Ladybug will just have to wait, setting the whole day back. Other mornings Ladybug will finish her reading lesson in 5 minutes, her math lesson in 10 minutes, and we will move quicker through the subjects quickly. The goal is to finish school by 10:30, but if it runs later we have an hour of wiggle room before I need to begin making lunch. Ladybugs nap will vary so whenever she wakes is when outside time is, which needs to be at least an hour.

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